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Pride In Urself
Pride In Urself
The official Tumblr for our Facebook group Pride In Urself, run by the admin ~PandaLaughs and dedicated to helping/debating with those who are discriminated against because of their race, gender, sexuality etc. The ask box is open!
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Goodbye everybody

Well, I’m having to leave now. Yes it’s tragic but I will try to be back tomorrow or failing that friday, enjoy the rest of the day/night :) ~Eimiarae

COMPLETELY unrelated but I love this picture so much I had to, sorry :D ~Eimiarae

(Source: derrenbrownfans, via toomanypeopletolove)

I’m sorry

Hey, it’s Eimiarae and I’m sorry but I’m gonna have to take a short break from the tumblr and stuff, just a few days. Thanks for understanding, love you guys xx ~Eimiarae

A little poem from me :P

She enters class a little late
So the rest of them won’t see
They mock her every single day
To watch it’s killing me

But I sat on the sidelines
To let it pass me by
I’ve never said a single word
Until I saw her cry

Her face was turned away right then
A vain attempt to hide
The thin dark trails of running make up
I knew how much she cried

I only said one word
She gave a single nod
I think she knew just what I meant
I know it’s a little odd


I was sorry for never speaking out
For pretending not to see
Even though the way she hurt
Was really killing me

So that was a little… on the spot sort of a thing about bullying. Well, more about seeing bullying and not saying anything. Words hurt as much as punches and silence doesn’t help. Yeah, don’t stay in the shadows and if you are being bullied know that you’re not alone, you’re never alone. I was there once and I know it’s not fun, stand up for yourselves and don’t keep it to yourself, tell people, people you trust of course. Goodnight everyone, Love you all ~Eimiarae¬†



Ok I think that’s it from me for tonight, should be posting tomorrow so, live and have pride and everything :D (I have temporarily taken over tumblr duties for a couple of days whilst I have lots of time on my hands) ~Eimiarae

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